Portable Flooring

Portable Flooring
Ground-Guards have become established as a proven alternative
to the conventional method of stripping and stoning-up access roads on
construction sites. By using this roadway system, ground damage and
reinstatement work are minimised. This is an ideal method to use where
there are tree roots under the surface as it avoids the need for excavation.

The Ground-Guard site access system is designed to form temporary
roads, car parks and footpaths. It is suitable for protecting grassed areas
from erosion and rutting during construction projects and for the protection
of tree roots where site access routes need to pass close to trees.

Green issues

Ground Guard are a very environmentally friendly product. They:
• Protect sensitive ground from erosion
• Are made from 100% recycled plastic, which is itself fully recyclable
• Provide a sustainable alternative to using up sheets of plywood for
ground protection purposes.